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I think this a great way to go back and watch these films if you haven't done so in a while. Now I've got 1 positive thing to say and 1 less positive thing to say.

Connecting the two movies was going to be tough but I think it's done really well. I think the best thing to come out of merging the films is the relationship between Richie and Eddie. When I saw the second film for the first time the ending didn't really effect me too much but here I almost teared up. Having the films together allowed me to pick up on things I might've not noticed if they were separate. Good shit.

The less positive thing to say was there were a few instances where the jumping between timelines got disorientating. There was one scene where Henry came out of the sewers before he even entered them. I actually thought the film skipped ahead before I realised it was the second timeline and it needed to be there to make that timeline make sense, but still confusing. Also by the end the two films would jump back and forth quite quickly and I did (just a little bit) get lost. Though I am an idiot so it might just be that.

If you've seen these two films before and wanted to revisit them, then this is a must watch. If you're showing someone this film who has not seen the original two then they will probably get lost at a few points.

That's all I got, genuinely loved this edit, great job Paulisdead2221!

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