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(Updated: August 12, 2023)
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Yes, I do recommend this edit. Did I enjoy it? Not really. WTF? Let me explain.

I read the book for the first time in 1989 (how's that for a coincidence?) and loved it. I also enjoyed the tv-series (safe for the spider-bit) and adored the first movie adaption. The second was a bit of a mixed bag (didn't get the Eddie horror scenes). Joining them in a way as close to the book as possible sounded like a good idea.

Technically, this is one of the most accomplished fan-edits I've ever seen. Completely flawless, 100% pro. Putting in the chapter titles of the book is also a great idea. But despite all its technical wizardry, this edit doesn't work for me.

This is mostly due to my feeling that the timelines don't really gel, probably because there are hardly any scenes or shots that allow for clear and smooth transitions between present and past. That's not the editor's fault of course, the needed material simply isn't there. In the tv-series, it's always clear who is having which memory and why.
The chapter titles only worked for me in the beginning when they were against a black screen. Adding titles in the middle of scenes across the screen was a distraction that pulled me out of the movie.

Replacing Wallfish's music during the opening scenes with Für Elise - like King wrote it - was a highlight - although I missed a bit of foley, especially when Georgie is knocked down.

And although the climax was handled as it was in the book, it was too much for me. Reading a book is a very different experience from watching a movie, and I think the creators of the tv-series were aware of the fact that both climaxes might work better if one took place halfway and the other at the end. That way, the story gets sooner to a point were things come to a sort of resolve, instead of a seemingly endless follow-up of incidents that lead to a finale that is simply too much.

And I didn't watch it in one go. Two or sometimes three hours is the max for me, so I would have preferred this edit to come in two parts - like the tv series.

Reading the other reviews, I understand that my opinion differs widely from the general view. So don't let this review discourage you if you're considering watching this edit. Technically it's one of the best and boldest out there, but the choices made (and the lack of much needed material that wasn't available) simply don't work for me personally.

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