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The first Hobbit edit I ever saw, and one of what I consider to be the "Big Five" of the Hobbit edits. Not to mention, THE most popular edit on this entire site. Quite an achievement.

My only complaint here was leaving some shots of the dwarves fighting off Smaug inside the mountain. I understand and respect your reasons, however the scenes belittled Smaug a little to me, and I think you'd have been better off without them!

The Pros you ask? Well, to be frank, the entire rest of this edit is a pro. Your color corrected Smaug was genius, your use of the previously un-used score at the ending worked very well, your color re-grade was excellent, your digital removal of Radagast, your barrel sequence, Smaug sequence, the list goes on and on.

I recreated your barrel-chase sequence and it took me AGES to figure out how you cut out a shot of Tauriel, and eventually I realized that you just made a hard cut MID-SONG and you did it SO well, that it sounds like the song was meant to be that way! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Even after I'd figured it out, it took me forever to replicate it.

I'd list more things I loved about this edit but anyone reading this might as well just read your change-log because everything on there is bloody marvelous. Great work Dustin, truly the pinnacle of Hobbit Edits, in my humble opinion.

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