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This was my first rewatch in a long time, so I forgot what all was new. There is definitely a quality difference in A/V in some of the scenes, but I assume it's due to the original material and how it was recorded, given Bobson's record. It's hard to score this one, especially since there really is no "narrative", and how much do you "enjoy" painful and disgusting scenes? Is there a "Fascination" score?

Well, the scenes are reintegrated in such a way that there is more Jackassery and nothing sticks out too much (aside from one pole-vaulting scene which is slightly duplicated in a montage.) I liked that some bits were returned to periodically (like Party Boy or Bam's parents) so that the "joke" had time to marinate and potentially get funnier. I think it's like this on the normal dvd, but props to Bobson for maintaining the spacing while adding in deleted scenes.

I feel like this kind of "movie" has become more aged and less relevant these days. It's probably best suited for somebody young discovering this anew. Or I don't know, maybe Youtube has already passed this by. If you want Jackass humor and a lot of it though, this is the edition for you.

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