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There were so few things I had issues with, I will just get the negatives out of the way first: Yes, the faces are a bit too red in some scenes, but definitely not all. In fact overall the saturated look is great IMO. Only in a few scenes does the saturation make the faces too red. Another very minor thing-- in the opening pre-title scene, I think there needs to be a slightly longer freeze frame of Bond before the credits sequence. (This is one area where I did prefer the Propellerheads with Shirley Bassey song choice from a previous fanedit.) All that is minor, and you can see from my rating that I loved this edit. My biggest quibble is the music during Bond and Domino's dance. It is the one spot where I felt like it was just wrong. I thought I remembered it being a tango, like in Scent of a Woman. But whatever it was, in this it felt like a movie score when it needed to feel like live music being played in the room where they are dancing. Nothing else really stuck out in a negative way. This is a much MUCH better swan song for Connery's 007 than Diamonds Are Forever. This edit easily feels more like official EON Bond than Diamonds too. In fact when watching it to review, it is easy to forget this is not an edit of an "official" Bond movie, because everything about it feels right at home beside all the others. Highly recommended!

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