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The theatrical cut of TWinE was the beginning of the end of Brosnan's days as James Bond, at least for me. Well, obviously not just for me, given Die another Day and Daniel Craig's reboot. While the entire series was often over-the-top, this film (and DaD) were just too ridiculous, and not in the good ol' Roger moore way.
Lapis Molari's edit efficiently trims a lot of the outlandish bits and effectively streamlines it. The technical aspects of this film are splendid - the cuts were done beautifully and the story flows a lot better now, with no meaningless fights in the snow or in chainsaw helicopters. The slight downside is that we are left with fewer gadgets - an aspect of the Bond films I used to really love.
I would also like to comment the erasure of Moneypenny from the scene with the jab at the doctor - It was done perfectly.
Three comments about the trims:
1) The removal of the chainsaw helicopter scene makes it seem as if Bond threw Zukovsky in the caviar pit, pushing him towards Chaotic Evil. I liked it, but it seemed a bit too extreme.
2) Trimming Christmas's scenes on the submarine made me forget where she actually was, until suddenly at 1:34:54 she is in a flooded chamber. It was a bit jarring for me, but I'm not sure it could be done better without bringing back in stuff like going down instead of up.
3) Trimming the sex scene at the end was great, truly. Thank you. The only issue is that in the fade to black it is still possible to see the last few milliseconds of the original scene, which looks odd and out of place to me.

Unrelated - I did not feel Robbie Williams's song was a better fit, but luckily the original audio track is available, so all is well on that front...

All in all - a wonderful edit, and far superior compared to the original.

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Owner's reply December 27, 2020

Thanks for catching that dark fade at the very end! I replaced those 15 frames with actual black and updated the file.

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