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(Updated: January 10, 2021)
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I quite like The World is Not Enough to begin with, it's probably my favourite of the Brosnan Bonds, but it's certainly far from perfect. It's a film with a great first act, an OK second act and then a flat ending.

I'm glad to report that this fanedit improved things all around - but I especially found the third act worked much better. I don't remember finding the submarine fight at the end particularly entertaining before but in this cut it works well. I suspect it's the old adage: if the third act doesn't work go back to the second act and fix it. By cutting a couple of largely extraneous sequences earlier on, especially the ski chase, the whole thing moves much better and we stay engaged through to the end.

Reducing bad puns, having less focus on Renard not feeling pain - a totally underdeveloped idea within the script which ultimately goes nowhere - and cutting back on Denise Richards' acting (but fortunately not cutting back on her wet t-shirt shots, ahem) - it's an excellent set of choices which have been made to smooth out a film which, IMO, is actually pretty good when the occasional missteps are removed.

Is it a perfect edit? No, I had some minor issues with the audio. You can hear engines approaching when Elektra and Bond are on the mountain. And the last minute isn't great, but I understand why the editor wanted so badly to cut the painfully bad "joke" at the end. It's just that without it the whole thing ends too abruptly. Plus the audio I felt could have been slicker in that last minute.

But overall, I thoroughly recommend this edit. It cements itself for me as the best Brosnan Bond film
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