JasonFlippy Wins October FEOTM 2023


The winner for October 2023 is JasonFlippy with their edit, Knock at the Cabin: The Choice Cut!


“I am deeply honored to receive this award from a collection of such highly accomplished editors.

Special thanks to a few users who have made my first four months here really fun: tremault, DonkeyKonga, Wraith, futon88, That One Guy, Samael Lynch, and especially to ArtisDead, without whose support and encouragement I wouldn’t be writing this. I feel very welcomed and I plan to stick around for a long time!

Thanks to my wife for being my mostly-willing test audience, my toddlers for not accidentally deleting my files, and M. Night Shyamalan for making a movie that inspired me to really dig in and learn how to edit.”

Congratulations, JasonFlippy!


Knock at the Cabin on IMDB

Knock at the Cabin: The Choice Cut on IFDB


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