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Since the goal of this edit was to integrate all footage possible, I cannot in good conscience ding it for using shots that are of poor quality by nature. If the edit's intention was to use only some of the bad looking deleted scenes I would disagree with using them at all, in that case. But the goal is to add everything possible. So it makes sense to me not to ding it for quality. I can also forgive it even more because the editor blended the audio and video so well. Fantastic cuts. I wish the edit was in more than mono sound though. I understand for the deleted scenes it is low quality, but the bluray footage should have the full soundscape, in my opinion, even if it's stereo. So I take points for this.

But overall, I am quite pleased that someone integrated all the deleted scenes and footage, as seamlessly as any editor could, into one edit. The video quality of all the bluray footage is fantastic.

I'd love to see the editor use Eleven Labs (AI voice creation software) to recreate and replace the Portuguese dialogue using the subtitles. That would be superb.

I love Jaws 1. The original is my favourite film. Jaws 2 is mediocre, but I have a soft spot for it. It follows right along from where the first film left off with many of the same actors from the original. And I liked it as a kid. But I knew it was inferior to the original, even then. Everything after Jaws 2 is just bad, to me.

I definitely recommend this to Jaws fans, and to those just looking for a very well made edit. This is a very good shelf-replacer for the original.

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