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FanMix July 04, 2012 8669
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*I like the original Jaws, I'm new to grindhouse*. This was a fun watch. The narrative was changed enough to be interesting and the audio editing was seamless to my ears.
For the video quality, it felt a bit odd. I think it was pointed out already but my feelings are similar. The image degradation felt a bit too tacked on. Scratches on top of good quality footage was uncanny at first, but I got used to it... Maybe my reasoning is flawed but I feel like I have to take points down here.
Visual editing was good but I didn't understand the skipping and repeating that occured at times. Again, Im new to grindhouse but it felt odd to me.
Narrative was good and the changes made kept me engaged.
Enjoyment = achieved but not better than the original.
Overall, I appreciate the work that's been put into finding and matching all the new footage. It serve the new narrative well imo. And I think this what makes this edit so interesting.
Recommended for fans of grindhouse and big fish!

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