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So I finally got around to watching this edit. This was a fun edit to watch. I liked most of the music selections. The amount of film "noise" and scratches etc. were not overly distracting and after awhile I didn't really notice it.

I liked the zoom in of Quint at the town hall meeting. The stutter =/repeat frames and audio, was a nice touch, and it was used sparingly and spaced out enough that I felt it wasn't overused. The USS Indianapolis footage was a cool sequence.

The two things that were worth the price of admission, so to speak, were:
1) The inclusion of the deleted scene of Quint at the music store buying the piano wire. I really don't know why they cut that scene from the movie.
2) The ending, I laughed.

I liked the DVD Menu designs and the drive-in theater transitions at the beginning and end.

As others have mentioned the narrative is a bit slow and the movie could have been shorter, but maybe that's just my short attention span and self-diagnosed ADD.

Anyway, I highly recommend this edit!

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