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I hate to download and watch something without leaving a review..... But when there is nothing negative to say, I'm at a loss.
This was another pretty much perfect edit as far as I am concerned. That doesn't mean I thought it was a great movie itself, but this edit is certainly pretty great.
I'm noticing that i have a personal preference for sepia instead of black and white, and with the black and white portions of this movie I found myself thinking it would look better in sepia and very washed out color instead of straight black and white--but that is just personal choice (though, in keeping with the Wizard of Oz idea of saturating Mars, I wish Virginia looked more Kansas-y).
This is certainly a Disney movie--I don't recall any cursing or nudity or much blood. But it is a fun movie. I own the original, but I honestly have never gotten around to watching it, so this is my 1st and only experience with the film. From that perspective, it flows effortlessly, without any weird cuts or out of place musical cues. This seems like an excellent edit of a kind of bland but still fun movie.
But I def recommend it, as is becoming my habit with every BionicBob edit I have watched.

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