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Possible SPOILERS ahead!

I had no doubt Bob would deliver a great edit. Of course the editing was great, but it's his passion for this story that really shows in the creative choices he made.

Carter is a flawed film. I think it's largely panned outside of the small fan base that knows the story and the characters. What Bob has done is made it a lot more accessible for a wider audience. The "Oz" effect in the beginning was a nice idea and I really loved how the amulet glowed blue through the black and white. I didn't expect that and I found myself saying that's cool out loud.

One of the previous reviews found some of the cuts a little jarring between Carter learning his jumping powers and the battle from the beginning of the movie with Sab Than. Personally I liked how it was worked in there and it needed to be there for narrative purposes. Mark Strong's character (I keep forgetting his name) indicated how no one could stop Sab and then we come back to Carter exploring the area. Perfect cut idea! Also, great use of the deleted opening. Would've been nice if they had finished the effects for the home video release.

Bob took this film to a new level. It still has its flaws, but that is the source material. Thank you for bringing us on a much more enjoyable trip to Barsoom.

You're lucky I don't take off points for that cliffhanger ending! (lol)

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