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FanFix December 11, 2023 807
(Updated: January 10, 2024)
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This was a very well made cut, from the really cool handmade opening title to the altered ending. It's a really streamlined, fast moving version of a pretty long movie, and I enjoyed it very much!

Nothing to note on visuals or audio, the movie was really well edited.

The narrative suffered slightly as it becomes more action-oriented and occasionally left me connecting dots. For a small example, Winston delivering the challenge to the Marquis brings some story back in, especially because they talk so much about "rules," which the Marquis brings up at the end.

As much as I liked the ending, it's very open but I understand why you wanted to change it. I might have left the original minus the cemetery scene? I also really liked the way you ended on the knife in Akira's hand, really well done!

Cutting out most of The Underground and Russia was a great move, and crazily enough almost all of Japan could be cut too without changing almost anything, which shows how disjointed the original is.

All that said, this was a really fun way to watch what was a pretty bloated action flick, so hats off to you! I'll be coming back to this edit if I want to watch the movie again.

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