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The 51st maniac ruthlessly cuts from the first movie, and that part works surprisingly well as a compact experience with concentrated action—this is less difficult to admit than I'd thought, as I'm fond of The Terminator and see the theatrical version as nearly flawless.

The first part gave me elevated expectations going into part two, in which the editing is less ruthless, but the experience is still very enjoyable, because—I mean, fuck—it's T2. And John Connor's douchiness quotient is dialed down considerably, to the film's benefit.

Serious nitpick, though: the lack of modification of the "Bad to the Bone" scene. If it's essential to the narrative that Sarah Connor freaks majorly over seeing the T-800 in the asylum, we should also be treated to ambiguity and a good dose of menace when we first see him. ThrowgnCpr set the standard for correcting this storytelling problem, and now I expect any T2 fanedit to righteously nuke that song—pardon the apocalyptic metaphor.

Video quality is excellent nearly everywhere except for touches of old-time videogamey blocking in red-saturated scenes. There's also a small discrepancy between the vertical dimensions of the two films. Lastly, the MP4 file retained black bars above and below the feature, and I would have preferred those removed.

Nits combed aside, this edit's a great way to revisit two akshun classics. Nice job, Dispatcher of the First 50 Maniacs!

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