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TLW is the only movie in the Jurassic Park Saga that I can not enjoy, JP is a masterpiece as it is.JW is an enjoyable movie, even JP3 is a B-movie that by At least it kept me entertained (but I do not consider it good). The Lost World was simply a constant annoyance. Stupid and forgettable characters and a lesson on caring for animals that kept me from enjoying the good times
The editing was an improvement for the most part an improvement, but I still do not feel it is a good movie, mainly, because the characters and history are followed slowly and generating little interest in the viewer, Every time the action begins and I say To myself "Here begins the good thing", appear the boring exhibitions and walk through the jungle and continue without feeling excited, but that is not your fault, it is too important in history to erase it, it is only that I think that with The changes that would be made in the edition, would make the story less annoying, which for the most part worked, but was still not interested in history.

Now what I can praise, is what was modified, the sequence of the trailers was a lot of fun, just like the climax and almost any sequence that was modified, including the time between Sarah and the dinosaur (Insert name of The race here).

For the most part, there was nothing to miss, with the exception of the scene of Malcolm and Sarah on the sofa, mainly because I thought it was a beautiful moment and because that is the last time we see them throwing themselves in the water, A rare destination for the protagonists.

In general, a good edition, of a film, which probably will never be able to enjoy.

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