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(Updated: August 02, 2023)
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I find grindhouse versions quite tiring after a while and i didnt expect to sit through 2hrs of one, but this cut was simply to fun not to. With this said i didn't finish any of the other versions I've seen of this movie. Most Snyder films feel like they were written by an Autist, this one especially. In here scenes that put me off or made me cringe, like most stuff involving flash were made bearable or even fun, through the right use of music and visual effects. The narrative is surprisingly strong, i didn't expect that much story going in and for it to make any sense. The only negative i could bring up would be that sometimes its hard to make out the dialogue over the music. But for that you have the polish subs, don't understand polish, still preferred watching it with subs on. In closing recommend it over any other version out there.

Edit: Before anybody takes offense to the Autist comment, i meant no disrespect. I just wanted to express that Snyder's characters and dialogue lack a certain human touch.

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