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First of all thank you to Gieferg for the work and time invested for us to enjoy this edit!
Secondly, I have to admit to have watched "Zack Snyder's Justice League: An Unbridled Rampage" on YouTube (on Mauler's channel) which really opened my eyes and made me overthing the entire Snyder-Whedon "fan war". I don't want to go into the "he is soo this or that" or "this scene is soo him" but be a bit more objective.

I did not like the opening credits, this made me feel too much like watching a Game of Thrones episode, I wished there was something that could be done about that, more subtle and in the background, I don't have a perfect solution for that, but many good movies do not need this "TV show opening", like Lord of the Rings for example or so many others.

The music changes/choices that Snyder made, for example in the Aquaman scene when he finishes the bottle and jumps into the water or the "new" Flash scene where he rescues the girl really got me out of it. After all it is still an action movie and to play slow emotional music in a badass scene never works for me personally. I wished more "exciting" music would have been used here. Also, I wished the scene was cut, when the "nordic women" sing this weird acoustic song forever after Aquaman goes back into the ocean.

I wished that some scenes from the theatrical or ultimate cut would have been kept, for instance the one where Aquaman sits on Wonder Woman's rope which let's us learn more about his motivations. Or the longer version at the cemetery where Flash and Cyborg talk about being the "accidents" which is a neat bonding scene in my opinion.

I definitely liked that new Steppenwolf version was used and that many of the ZS versions were left in there. And I liked many cuts and transitions, for instance the cut when Wonder Woman kills the terrorist guy with the hat by blowing up half of the floor, which is really not needed to see and was a questionable decision on her part anyway since there are kids sitting behind her. On a last note, I never liked that scene where she stands on the statue on top of the roof watching down on the bank where the terrorists do their thing: 1. this is spider man's and batman's thing to do since the are both areal, wonder woman mostly walks so the roof thing is not in character for her, 2. it must have looked so weird when she climbed up this statue, what was the purpose of this? did she see more on top of the statue than on top of just the roof? So although this would have needed some extra editing in terms of cuts and musical edits but her standing on top of the statue would have been good if it was cut. It's funny when Snyder has this aura of "making super hero movies for grown ups" and then let's them stand on statues for no apparent reason :)

It is always a hard balance if you have a more character-based version that is too humorous and a version that is almost impressionistic with less text and more feel- and vision-based (wants us to feel a certain way). These two vision of the directors are so different, but offer different interesting views on how this movie should have been.
I think any editor that undergoes this specific project has to choose to have the resulting movie have a tight story with well developed characters (and leave away everything else that distracts from this task) or a movie that focuses on showing the audiences scenes and making them listen to music purely to make them feel a certain way when watching.

It's like reading a compelling book or spending a day in Disneyland with the kids. Both takes us on a ride but the means are different, one uses our brains/communication while the other targets the heart/emotions more directly.

And lastly it takes a lot of technical ability to combine these two sources since they have totally different aspect ratios, colors, quality, etc.

I feel the editor put so much time and work into this to create his favorite subjective version, which was really interesting to see and made many good choices to create a very good fanedit. It may not be my favorte but i very much appreciate the effort and thank the editor for letting us see his version! :)

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Owner's reply September 26, 2021

" for instance the one where Aquaman sits on Wonder Woman's rope which let's us learn more about his motivations."

I like this scene and tried to do that, but it didn't work well enough for this edit. Later I've decided that it' works good enough for Grindhoused edit and put it in there.

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