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(Updated: February 04, 2023)
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One of the many things I'm grateful about the release of the Snyder Cut of JL is the abundance of brilliant fan edits who gave a shot at it. WakeupKeo's Rise of the Mother Boxes is among the very best of the best in the JL fan edits category. It's a model of great editing, the pacing is such balanced, and the fat was extracted with such precision, that we don't feel the 3hrs, nor notice any cuts.
The JL17 footage was masterfully added, and the scenes were wisely chosen, so not a single one felt out of place, on the contrary, it amplified the depth of the characters, and some of the humorous scenes made them more relatable. But the best addition was the friction among the members of the team regarding the resurrection of Superman. All these inclusions were color graded and adjusted in consequence to perfectly fit the ZSJL main footage, and it succeed brilliantly. The most impressive part was the rotoscoping to include shots from the JL17 final battle into the climax.
But what cemented WakeuKeo as one of the greatest fan editors in activity, was the mind-blowing use of VFX, the color changing of the Superman suits to serve the narrative was quite impressive, but nothing prepared me for that first post-credit scene, that I won't spoil here. Just know that it's insanely cool!

If I recommend WakeupKeo's Justice League? You bet I am, it's a must-see!

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