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FanFix January 27, 2023 2837
(Updated: May 07, 2024)
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Justice League was a movie I hated than liked now love. Once again this is the cut to watch I was curious how Wakeuokeo would edit out an entire hour and everything would still make sense, well its not only a testament to the editors skills but just how bloated Zack Snyder's movie was. There were obvious things like the women sniffing Aquamans shirt, toning down Wonder woman's theme but I was surprised at how well some of the Whedon scenes fit in, with some wonderful color correction done.
My only real criticism isn't with story or editing but with the chapter credits they annoyed me in the Snyder cut and they annoy me here I will be skipping them in the future just my personal opinion.
I haven't mentioned this in my previous reviews until now but I have no real problem with the sound and that's because I use headphones to watch these movies (special headphones not airpods or stuff like that) I don't have a big surround system right now but from what I hear everything sounds fine.
This one gets a perfect 10 from me it took the core of Snyder's vision and cut the bloat and focused on the core this like the others will be my definitive cut.

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