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This edit does a lot of things right, but I think it needs a little bit more work.
The pacing is greatly improved, for one. The Snyder Cut was impressive but so SLOW, and I was impressed by how Spence's use of the Josstice League scenes allowed him to trim so many redundant scenes and bits.
A lot was trimmed, to be sure, but the narrative works well. The new main plot line is clear - Darkseid tried to conquer our planet but failed, so Steppenwolf is now trying it again to earn redemption, and Batman gathers a team to stop them.
The editing is generally wonderful, except for three issues:
(1) Noticeable audio transition after "Men won't, but SHE will" (21:30)
(2) Weird sequencing immediately after the above timestamp. While it's nice to see how the Amazons set the fire in the Parthenon, it is not necessary - Diana's scene at the Louvre is sufficient to convey that information in a more believable way. In the current edit, we have two scenes in which Steppenwolf begins searching for the other two boxes (Russia -> STAR Labs ), and then we stop that to see Diana's reaction to the fire.
My suggestion: Cut the scene where Queen Hippolyta shoots the Arrow, and instead show Diana's scene at the museum, followed by her scene with Bruce and the exposition dump. After the line "if he's here, where is he?" cut to the Chernobyl sequence, followed by STAR Labs. You can cut Stone's apartment and instead show the interrogation of the Atlanteans. And move Lois's scene to someplace later - it feels disjoint from everything else happening.

(3) Some more trimming is needed. For example, Steppenwolf explains (?) to the Parademons about the Unity for some reason, but then Diana's story about the Age of Heroes explains it again - in a better way. Another example: Cyborg's origin story is referenced multiple times in the film, and that - together with the Flash's introduction - slows down the film to a near halt.

All in all I enjoyed the edit, but I think a little more editing can make it a true candidate to be THE definitive cut.

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