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This is BETTER than the Snyder Cut.

The Snyder Cut plays like a kitchen sink assembly cut.
The Spence Cut plays closer to a proper theatrical cut.

Some elements of the Whedon version are lightly used here and there, but this is still 90% Snyder's interpretation of super-heroism, which I must admit I am not the biggest admirer. So for me, this does slightly affect my enjoyment level. But this is no fault of the editor, as Spence has expertly met his set editing goals.

For me, there are many great editing choices throughout this edit. The removal of Wonder Woman's terrorist battle is not missed in the slightest. Neither is Aquaman's ocean saving/bar drinking scene. And the trimmed back Cyborg origin is perfect. Also, thoroughly loved the repurposed images for Dr. Stone's epilogue voice over -- particularly for Aquaman and Wonder Woman. And thankfully, the non-sensical Anti-Life Equation subplot is gone.

Technically, a very strong edit. The colour matching of Whedon footage to fit with the Snyder narrative looked right to my untrained eye. On the very minor nitpicks side of things, I noticed one or two audio dips and for me (and this is subjective) the new opening, did not flow quite as smoothly or organically as it could have. Also, this edit employs alternating aspect ratio, which I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of even though I know many Hollywood blockbusters do it. I think I would preferred if the entire movie had been the fuller 1:85 as it just looks glorious filling the entire screen with no black bars.

All in all, a solid and entertaining alternate version of the Snyder Cut.
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