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The Spence edit does a wonderful job of balancing both the TC and ZSJL cuts. The scenes from the TC are CC'd seamlessly as it is not noticable during the everybody knows montage. Best thing about this cut is that it removes all sequel baits, especially now at the time of writing this review, the DCEU is stepping away from the Snyderverse. So this cut serves as a shelf replacer of sort for current continuity. While some scenes from both TC/ZSJL are missed, like WW vs terrorist, Barry saves Iris, and Aquaman sits on the lasso, they were neccesary for pacing and to keep the runtime under 3 hours. Which is perfect for what should be the Justice League's first film. Another thing that I liked from this edit is that the full ZSJL ratio is kept during action sequences and widescreen throughout the rest of the film creating an IMAX theater feeling. So overall I'd recommend this edit over others and it serves as a shelf replacer for me. Although one thing I would add is the Superman/Flash racing scene as a post-credit. I feel like putting it at the end wouldn't disrupt the hopeful ending or the tone of the film as much and it would show Superman just talking to another leaguer.

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