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This was a truly enjoyable watch. Broken up into parts, it was manageable over the course of a few days. We have a nice blending in of aspects of the Wakeupco edit and the theatrical Justice League - with Snyder’s version as the base. This gives us the best overall blend. I know other editors like to condense this movie to a more “manageable” 2 - 3 hours, but I feel quality and narrative should be prioritized over how many hours the movie should be. I enjoyed this all the way through.

The visual quality appeared top notch and I did not readily notice any audio issues. This edit will certainly be my top recommendation for those who want a high quality experience with the maximum enjoyable footage available.

My only critique is that the Superman/Flash race scene would be better suited placed right before Batman’s nightmare involving the evil Superman. I feel that would be a nice contrast where we first see a fun-loving Superman and then go into him effectively going dark. In addition, I have never been a fan of post-credit scenes.

I want to thank Bailey for allowing me to enjoy his edit and I hope others will give it a chance as well.

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Owner's reply December 03, 2023

That’s for the great review! It is much appreciated!!

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