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I truly enjoyed this edit a lot! It combined, kept and inserted all the parts out of both versions that let's the audience get to know the characters better and deepen their relationships, which is one of the most important things in my opinion for the audience to care and immerse in the movie.

The other important thing is the story, and the main elements of the story are all there. This is surprising, since the movie is trimmed down to "only" 136 minutes which fly by fast. Much that was left out were scenes from the Snyder cut, that did not really progress the story at all.

The change in music was surprising to me, I was often wondering if that song really helped in that specific scene, but all of a sudden something in the movie happened and the song suddenly fit the vibe well. So with this edit you have to trust the editor a bit and lay back and allow it to be in order to find the enjoyment that was intended by the editor. At least that is how I took it :)

The audio / video edits blend in perfectly, of course, new music during intense battle scenes that maybe even include cuts / edits must be crazy hard to pull off, so knowing that I gave the edit some slack.

The only thing that I truly wished would have been cut was Superman and Cyborg joking on the floor after seperating the motherboxes. This just was totally out of character for both, and also uncalled for, because the threat still was not fully over. I never liked this part in the Whedon cut in the first place and I was growning a bit, when I saw it in this otherwise brilliant edit!

The ending with Steppenwolf being beaten due to being attacked by his own "men" is also something that was kind of rushed and not the most creative thing in the TC. However I can see it happening in a comic book, so I am fine with it. Steppenwolf wearing his "old" armor also needed a bit of getting used to, since the Snyder cut version was kind of bad ass I must admit. But I understand that in order to keep the Whedon ending, all Steppenwolf scenes had to be in his first cut armor, which is not bad as well, gave me kind of a retro feeling. And lastly the total cut out of Darkness, which is a totally uninteresting character to begin with, was perfectly fine with me.

All in all (besides the Superman/Cyborg joking scene!) a fantastic edit, which I will certainly watch and enjoy again and recommend to anyone who like classic superhero movies. Thank you!

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