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Gone is the musical, now we can watch this as a film. It still gives homage to old classical musicals and the jazz infused romance is still present (and maybe even emphasized).

One minor thing I’ve noticed: at the start, the effect for the words "No Dancing Edition" is a bit jumpy / jittery, it looked weird. Other than that, the start is thematically great; it makes a lot of sense to begin the film like this.

The opening dancing portion being cut is a breath of fresh air. I mean, I loved seeing that section in the original film, and it's a technical and directing achievement, but it felt apart from the rest of the story. Even if intended to be just a prologue, that section is completely unrelated to the rest of the film, so it never really worked as a prologue / opening of the story. With that scene gone, the narrative is better and the film gains quality.

After that, nice editing with the non-linear portion, it highlights the important moment when the 2 main characters first "cross paths".

During the rest of the edit, including at the end, I never felt anything was missing, and the story works without the dancing parts.

I've read the last review when it is said there is a continuity error in Sebastian knowing Mia's parents' house with no previous reference in the film; at least in the current version I've watched, there is such a reference (when they are talking after they first meet on her workplace). No continuity error here.

Thanks for this!

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