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I don't get the hate for the Laydhawke score. Does every movie in this genre have to sound the same? I love it. Ladyhawke wouldn't be Ladyhawke without it. The score is what makes this movie unique and sets it apart from the rest of the cookie cutter medieval sword and sorcery type movies. That said... it's about time someone made this edit! We've all been hearing complaints about the Ladyhawke score for decades and it's very refreshing to see it finally come to light. Next time someone complains about the score, just point them here - they'll love it.

This is a great edit. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into this, and at the end of the day, the new score just sits there seamlessly, like it was meant to be there all along. And that's the biggest compliment I can give to this edit- that if you didn't know it was edited, you wouldn't think anything was amiss. Technically, there are a couple of issues. The opening credits are, for some reason, a different AR than the rest of the film, with black bars on the left and right sides. And a film like this really benefits from a proper 5.1 mix. Presenting it in stereo is fine, and likely makes the audio editing easier, but ultimately makes for a lesser experience. However, these do not greatly detract from the edit. I wouldn't consider this a superior version, but a much-needed alternative version of Ladyhawke. Highly recommended, especially if you didn't like the original.
Owner's reply December 26, 2021

Thank you for the review! I just wanted to address the opening titles being in a different aspect ratio. That is exactly how it was in the original, so no editing or tinkering on my part. It's like that because, well, it honestly didn't occur to me that I should probably change it to match.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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