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I am one of those who actually enjoys the original soundtrack because I'm a huge fan of the Alan Parsons Project, so I not only own the movie, but also the 2-disc limited edition soundtrack as well. That being said, I recognize that the synth-pop/orchestration that Andrew Powell and Alan Parsons provided are at times an odd choice for this genre of movie.

So, I gave this version a shot after much consideration. First, this is FLAWLESSLY edited. The music score is appropriate for each scene and works surprisingly well. Everything works once the movie starts. I love the movie to begin with, so I was surprised how seamless this all sounded.

The only weaknesses worth noting is the main theme in the opening credits. I don't find this particular score particularly memorable compared to other works by Jerry Goldsmith and I don't know that it feels right with the opening credits. Maybe it would help with a hawk screech or two... if you watch the opening credits, you will know what I mean. Once the movie begins, everything works, but then again, I'm so familiar with the movie and the original music, this could have been me.

One more comedic observation is that the "riding" theme that is used bears a more than slight resemblance to the "...he rode a blazing saddle..." song from the Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles." I couldn't help think about that every time it started up.

Anyway, this is a fabulous, flawless edit that works. I definitely recommend.

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