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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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February 25, 2011

This was just a wonderful viewing experience!
The entire time I just kept saying to myself, “This is a great movie!”.
Never once did I preface it by reminding myself this is a fan edit.
It didn’t feel like an edit to me.
It was just a really good movie.

This is a beautiful alternate version of what I already consider a brilliant and charming movie.
While I still love the original, this version adds greater depth and weight to the overall narrative,
creating for me a very emotional journey and more satisfying conclusion.

While the reinserted scenes are of slightly different video quality, I actually thought this worked in favour of the movie.
It was almost as though the varying picture quality reflected Large’s inner turmoil and emotional state.
So for me, the deleted scenes quality was more of narrative enhancement, than a distraction.
It just goes to show how well written and performed these scenes actually were and what a shame they hit the cutting room floor.
But now we have L8′s version to enjoy Large’s journey in it’s full splendor.

I absolutely loved the music replacement choices. All seemlessly interwoven and a vast improvement over the original soundtrack IMO.

Again, just a wonderful, wonderful moving film.

Well done L8wrtr!
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