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March 19, 2011

I came to this from the perspective of a fan of the original theatrical cut who thought that it was a good little character piece that, frankly, could have been a great little character piece with only a little tweaking. Many times the point of the movie either became completely lost from time to time, or was put across in much too pointed in heavy handed ways. A more subtle film would have definitely played better to me, and if you could do that while turning the volume down on some of the oft too broadly comedic or needlessly quirky bits it would be even better. Thankfully, that’s exactly what this edit it does.

First of all let me start by saying I quite liked the presentation of the thing. The sound and picture quality was stellar with the exception of some re-inserted deleted scenes that frankly do look off – though given how important they were to this edit and that there was no way I can think of to make them look better than they did I found that completely acceptable. As for the editing itself, it’s next to invisible. I can’t pick out a moment where I really noticed the editing, which in this type of project I think is the best compliment to pay.

Now, all that said, getting into the movie itself. This is by FAR in my opinion the movie that Garden State always aspired to be but fell short of. The point is put across in a much more subtle, and dramatically satisfying way, with much more emotion and pathos than that original theatrical edition. Not only does this edit it remove much of the distracting and muddled bits, but also it’s gotten rid of some of the over written moments that seemed only designed to make sure even the most dense audience member got the point. But perhaps most satisfying is that it allowed the film to feel less broad, eschewing much of the inappropriate humor while at the same time keeping the quirkiness and skewed view that helped make Garden State special in the first place.

Presented here, all and all, feels like a much more professionally edited, satisfying, subtle, and overall intelligent film than the original version and for my money represents the much preferable edit.
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