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This is the first fanedit that feels entirely like an alternate version of a movie to me. I am a huge music fan and one thing I love to hear are alternate takes of songs. They never replace the original, but the best ones stand right alongside the originals on equal footing. That is how I feel about this version of Garden State. If this had been the theatrical release, and the soundtrack release, I believe it would have gotten the same acclaim and the soundtrack would have won a Grammy, as the actual Garden State soundtrack did. The scenes that were added back into the movie worked perfectly for this edit. I can see why they were cut from the other version, and either works. I feel like this is quite a wishy-washy review so far.... Let me say some things about the excellent music choices throughout: I loved every song. It helps that I've owned all these songs for years and I could have compiled the soundtrack myself from my pre-existing record collection, but it was great to hear Saint Agnes and the Burning Train kicking things off and then Aimee Mann and a slew of other great tracks. One of my favorite songs ever has been cut in this version--Only Living Boy In New York by Simon and Garfunkel---and I have to say, I couldn't agree more with you decision L8wrtr. It is an excellent song and I see why Zach Braff chose it, what with the themes of isolation, etc, but it always bothered me that the movie is called Garden State, and New Jersey is the setting and is referred to many many times, and Large flew in from Los Angeles and is headed back to LA, yet here is this song with New York featured so prominently in the lyrics and title. Cutting it was a smart move that I wholeheartedly agree with, but your music choices were smart moves throughout.
As for everything else, I don't know what else to say. It was an excellent alternate viewing experience of a movie I always loved anyway. It was like having a favorite song for years and then a special boxed set comes out containing a different take of that song, with a slightly different rhythm, vocal and phrasing. It doesn't replace the original--nor does it need to. But it sure is fantastic to have. Kind of like all the different versions of songs on the Beatles Anthology sets or getting to hear earlier or later takes of Elvis singing Suspicious Minds in the studio. Sometimes the sincerity comes through more on those unreleased versions and they stand, in my opinion, shoulder to shoulder with the classic released version and I would not want to have to chose only one or the other. I really enjoyed this :-)

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