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(Updated: November 10, 2012)
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Edited to make an in-depth review after rewatching the movie:

Audio/Video Quality: I could not watch the DVD version of this edit but the quality of the video was good. Neither better nor worse than the original one taking into account that the original is in a DVD version. For that reason, I consider a six to be a good rating, because nothing was improved involving this.

Visual Editing: This part was well done. The only scene where I could really notice that something was changed was when he starts to remember, but in the rest of the movie is difficult to know what was cut. Maybe with some effects added this sensation could be dismished a little but I am not very sure about that.

Audio Editing: I do not usually notice audio cuts unless they are very obvious. Here I did not detect anything strange. I think it was well done. A bad Audio editing could have ruined this movie even more. With some effort and knowing what was changed you can be able to notice something that is not perfect.

Narrative: This is what makes this edit important. The narrative is completely changed, which manages to transform a horrible movie into a watchable film more in the way of the silence of the lambs and its other sequels. This does not means that it is as good as the rest as the saga but the final thoughts are positive.

Enjoyment: The movie now can entertain us thanks to the fact that some misteries are not resolved right away in the first minutes. Not knowing what happened to Hannibal untill half the movie was a good change that I enjoyed a lot. Another good thing was the incest kiss, wich was not surprising, disappeared.

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