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Bond is back and with Last Survivor's help, he has never been better!

Another thoroughly enjoyable Bond edit by LS. Gone is the action packed traditional opening. In its stead, is a darker, more intimate toned opening which continues through the rest of the movie as Bond embarks on journey of cold vengeneance. Only nitpick here, the pre-credit opening does feel a tad bit longer than normal.

Some clever edit magic done on the opening titles, such as inserting the License Revoked title card and the new scene replacement/transition through the camera lens -- marvelous stuff!!!

Lots of small trims/cuts to keep the tone consistant, most completely unnoticeable. The subplot of the love triangle has been expertly removed -- thank goodness! It was the most painful element of the original to watch lol.

Audio replacement work -- WOW!!! Last Survivor is now the reigning master in this department. I know he made changes but the movie gods help me, most of them went by me completely unnoticed until he pointed them out in his commentary. BRAVO!

And the commentary! What can I say at this point that I have not said many times before? Deeply informative and entertaining. What more could you want or need? Professional home media bonus content creators should take lessons from Last Survivor on how to do good commentary.

Highly recommended! A fan edit by one of our Best!!! You can not go wrong. :)
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July 06, 2020
This edit was truly amazing! The changes Last Survivor did to this edit made the movie feel truly like a bond picture!! The trims and cuts here and there were just what the movie needed!
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