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FanMix July 04, 2023 892
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A very powerful and breathtaking experience. You really feel like you're there with the soldiers on that beach and the tension is real.

I didn't much notice any quality issues and even if there were any, they weren't significant for me to mention.
Presenting it in black and white is a solid creative decision by the editor and works well with the color-less situation on screen.

One thing I felt a bit underwhelmed about are the subtitles in several moments and even some background voices took me out of it for a bit. Once again, this is a creative decision by the editor and perhaps these are necessary (or were just technically impossible to workaround), but I feel these could have been done without. No speaking scenes at all (not even silenced ones) - only focus on the characters' action and emotional reaction. Until perhaps that final scene.

Overall, I enjoyed experiencing Dunkirk in this unique way and totally recommend it.
Owner's reply August 16, 2023

I'm floored! Thank you for the review!

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