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I haven’t seen this film for a good few years, while it may be Disney’s most successful traditionally animated feature I still find Bambi to be my favourite. This edit is a very interesting proposition, enough for me to get the Blu-ray, but I think the theatrical version is still the one I’d turn to. I must admit though that the redone animation on the pan out from Pride Rock at the start does look strange, so going back to the original is a nice touch.

I’m not too fond of the “Morning Report” song (feels like a comparatively weak musical debut for Simba) and the fan-animated scene, while very impressive and visually harmonious with the rest of the film, feels superfluous (I also prefer the original introduction of the adult Nala, Scar is suddenly giving Claude Frollo vibes here but there is no dramatic payoff).

The AV quality is alright, but there is a noticeable amount of banding on parts of the image with subtle colour variation and there’s also sometimes muddiness even in the native HD footage, might be worth experimenting with different encoding settings. The editing itself is great except for a flash frame at 0:09:59, the audio transitions were all smooth and unnoticeable barring the drop in quality with the fan-made scene (the missing ambient sound could probably be added back though).

I can’t imagine the two restored sections of VHS-sourced animation looking any better short of a 35-mm scan turning up (it has happened before!). I think dedications work better at the start of a film, (if they’re stuck at the end people are less likely to see them), but the one here (as well as the credits) could easily (if tediously) be made to look better by turning them into stills, extracting the text, removing the flecks, applying sharpening and animating (have done it myself). The use of the original credits means that the two additional songs are not included.

While I don’t think I could personally call this “definitive” it was nice to revisit the film in a different way, thanks strangecalendars for putting this together!

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