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Review by Tubes — July 17, 2009 @ 9:15 am

Very nice menu opening. Main menu includes scene selection, an info page, and special features. Special features include a green keyed version of Roger Moore’s scope gun barrel sequence and the main titles set to the Guns and Roses cover of the title song. Fairly meaty for a single disc DVD and one of the most appealing openings of a fanedit.

Video is flawless. Crystal clear with very few artifacts. The reds tend to pixelate (a common problem with .DV codecs), but it is very seldom seen. The cropping down to 2.35 is servicable and could so with some reframing here and there. Fortunately, most of the action in LALD takes place in the middle of the screen, so you don’t get chopped heads that sometimes plague reframing. A few shaved scalps, but nothing irritating.

Alas, this is the weak part. The vast majority of the film, the audio is fine. There are certain points, however, that could use more work. The added score feels slapped on as opposed to mixed in and occasionally I can still here the original music bleeding through. One small part of the audio, during the shortened boat chase, feels bizarre and almost throws me out of the movie. In the original film, Tee Hee’s henchman steals JW Pepper’s relatives boat as JW is calling him for help. In order to cover this, the editor uses Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin. I’m assuming that JW’s relative is listening to it on his radio, but there is no indication to that.

Editing decisions:

The black and white pre titles looks very nice. The boat chase works well despite the amount cut from it.
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