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FanMix March 12, 2020 6955
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I'm finally able to have a look at a Logan fan edit :)

I am already a fan of Logan and The Wolverine. But Logan has a more personal, intimate feeling. The movie does not have 2 much in the face CGI and it feels like a grim cross between a gothic western and a dystopian “Mad Max”-esque road movie.

Each billow of dust emboldened by Logan Noir amplifies the suffocating environment and the desert looks white and as it is void of color and life. Not mention the sporadic darkly contrasted plants scattered sparingly across the landscape.

What does Logan Gothic bring then? Well, it amplifies the absence of life and gives the movie a very personal and desperate feeling. The music has been re-scored to the very best. I am not an American folklore expert or do I live in the US. But changing the whole soundtrack with folk and Johnny Cash brings the movie closer to the original trailer and Johnny Cash Hurt song. What I also like is the removal of certain narrative elements, bringing it to better pacing and understanding.

Amazing work dannydangle and well deserved March favorite edit of the month win. Looking forward to your next project.

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