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For me, Logan is one of the best "superhero" movies ever made, but it had a few flaws, especially in the last act of the movie which felt made to please the action-seeking viewers and contrasted greatly with the generally more paused tone of the movie. In this regard, the official noir version of the movie improved the tone and made the movie even grittier, providing a better experience (even when leaving the whole movie uncut).

Dannydangle's Logan Gothic continues to perfect the movie by improving the general atmosphere with a complete reworked soundtrack that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the movie, giving it more depth and making it more enjoyable. Furthermore, the trimmed parts are really well chosen, to the point that this time, together with the music, I didn't notice the off-putting last act (even if only 4 minutes were cut).

Audio/Video Quality - 10
I am no expert in this matter, but the quality was really good. Nothing to complain.

Visual Editing - 10
Kept to a minimum, but perfectly chosen and totally unnoticeable. It definitely improves the movie.

Audio Editing - 9
Overall the music is really well chosen, but sometimes there were pieces of music that felt a bit off in my opinion. This happens very few times and for most of the time the selection of new tracks is perfect.

Narrative - 10
The few cuts and the new score contribute to create the perfect atmosphere to the movie and giving some scenes more "feeling" that without any doubt contributes to the narrative.

Enjoyment - 10
I really enjoy re-watching the movie and the clever choice of music tracks. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you for letting me seing your fan edit!

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