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FanMix March 12, 2020 6891
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Finally got round to watching this Last night. Very nice. Got a soft spot for Cash, but also the other inclusions tended to fit very well and were very contextually used - Night of the Hunter is prominent here too, although including it's narration is still 50/50 for me.
I used to generally like the superhero genre to whatever degree, but I'm sick to bloody death of them now. Couldn't care less. But Logan stands out among them as a very independent piece of self aware film making. Just quality contexts and well considered, emotionally & intellectually valid dialogue ect. - In this edit the best stuff is honored and some exposition is minimized. The shots that were cut, helped to tighten things up and I did not miss them. The musical inclusions actually heightened it's already visceral qualities, as the songs chosen are very apt - sure there are a couple of musical cues that came in a little early, a little quiet, or hung on a tad too long maybe, but that's the fan editor in me - It's hard to just sit and be a punter sometimes. The timing of the new material is generally very good and is always well considered. Overall this edit felt seamless and the B&W grading was usually quite punchy which I like. I would recommend for sure.
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