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(Updated: December 08, 2021)
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Logan was initially a movie I liked, and admired, but didn't love. I appreciated a lot of its storytelling choices in terms of suggesting a backstory for the movie's status quo, and the emotional core that was missing from most of the FoX-Men movies, but it also seemed like it was trying a bit too hard to earn its Hard-R rating, overdoing it on the profanity and gore in a way that didn't make it feel of a piece with those other movies in the series. Plus, like the fan-editor, I liked the trailer better than the movie in large part down to the Johnny Cash music.

Most of my problems are rectified here, and with a great deal of care given to the music, which is selected with incredible care and precision, with some of the lyrics almost seeming too on-the-nose, but given that this is a movie where a clawed guy battling with his inner demons *literally* fights an evil version of himself, I don't think that's really much of a problem. The black-and-white works wonders to keep the constant showers of blood-and-guts from becoming overwhelming (I might be the one Kill Bill fan who preferred the B&W cut of the Crazy 88 sequence, for what it's worth).

My only qualms are ones that are structural to the movie, namely a somewhat saggy middle act with a pointless stop-over at a farmhouse that seems to just exist to kill off a bunch of characters, but aside from that, this edit has fixed a number of problems I had with the original film, I just would have preferred to see the pacing itself tightened up. Definitely a "B" elevated to an "A-" in my books; an edit I'll assuredly be revisiting in any (fan-edit-heavy) rewatch of the X-Films.

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