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First, let me say that I love Logan's Run (both the movie and the TV series). I am incredibly familiar with the film and notice every snipped segment because of my familiarity.

That said, I do recognize that there are several segments that detract from the film. These are the three I agree with: 1) the cubs segment is a bit long, 2) I never liked Box... looks fake, 3) the outside segment drags and the old man/cats segment is far too long. All three of these are handled expertly and I like how they were edited.

There are some edits I am neutral toward; I don't mind the fact that they are gone (for example, I don't need the Love Shop scene). I find the cut here a bit abrupt (they go from fleeing the New You to the "service area" a bit quick). My familiarity with the segment made it more abrupt in my mind than a casual observer, however, so not a big deal.

As for cuts I may disagree with, most of those would be the earliest cuts, including the nursery scene. While yes, they may "slow the story pace," I find them essential for "world-building" and introducing you to life in the city. These were still handled well by the faneditor, but I wish we still had those scenes in the film.

One other note, and I'm not certain how it would be handled: Roscoe Lee Browne's credit as Box at the beginning of the film even though he has been completely excised from the fanedit. I knew the scene was going to be cut going into it, so I noticed the credit had not been removed. But because it is over a camera movement of the model shot of the city, it may not be able to be removed easily and I understand why it remains.

The absolute best part of this fanedit is how it handled the removal of Box. It was seamless and the music worked perfectly over the segment. I do recommend it, so give it a watch!

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