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FanMix July 25, 2023 1045
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The main goal of this edit was pretty much achieved! The new score adds a lot to the experience. It departs from the original soundtrack, which was closer to John William’s work, and brings a new perspective to Spaceball. I liked it. But there’s a lot of it in this edit and maybe a bit too much? I feel like I heard 1984 Dune’s Main Theme over and over. Or maybe there are variations on the same theme, I don’t remember Dune’s soundtrack enough to know for sure. But anyway, music seems always on…
On the side of the editing of the movie, I don’t miss anything that was cut. It all flows well and some of the goofier stuff was removed. 8 years-old-me would have been sad, but present-day-me thinks it’s a good thing. Again this all makes this comedy a bit more serious but satisfyingly less goofy.
The aspect ratio was changed from 1.85:1 to 2.35:1 by cropping a lot from the bottom of the image. I generally like this trend of giving a more cinematic look, but in this case it feels too extreme. There was no reframing done to the image, leaving some visual elements partially chopped up and a bit annoying from time to time.
I mostly enjoyed watching this edit but it won’t replace the original. I recommend it only if you love 1984 Dune’s OST and hated the scene when President Skroob got his head teleported backwards…

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