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the 2nd work i've seen from Wraith, and i remain impressed. i only saw the original once when it first came out on rental, so there are many details i wouldn't remember are deleted scenes, etc. all i know is what this particular experience was. and i know i appreciated it more than my memory of the original. the inclusion of the deleted scenes (& who knows what else) was so seamless, that i only caught 1 or 2 of the SLIGHTEST glimpses of what might be edits; so tiny that a casual observer not TRYING to notice would ever notice. i may not like Rian Johnson personally, but the dude can write a good script (that's not part of a pre-existing popular franchise), and Wraith sure can improve the released product. a wonderful story made... uh... wonderfuller...
Wraith, you did one helluva job polishing this gem. thank you for sharing the link with me. it will be my go-to for future rewatches.

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Owner's reply October 31, 2021

Thanks for the review and I'm so pleased you enjoyed this. I do not do many extended versions, but this felt like it would genuinely benefit from, as you say, some polish (and new opening titles)...ROLL ON THE SEQUEL , I say...

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