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I hadn't watched Looper in a few years, it's one I own that I've always wanted to like more than I originally did and kept meaning to revisit it to see if a 2nd viewing would give me a new appreciation for it. I saw that Wraith had created an extended edit, so I figured that would give me a great excuse to finally rewatch it. Similar to another reviewer, I didn't remember all the details of the film and really had NO idea which scenes were added to the film (great editing!) After watching the edit, I went back and watched a video of just the deleted scenes and was really surprised that a lot of them were not used for the original film. As far as I can tell, it looks like Wraith added the "YEAR ONE" etc... on the screen during the part where they show Joe's life from the present day to the last day when he's sent back to the past, which I thought was genius. A lot of those deleted scenes really added to the story and really gave me a better understanding of who Joe was/is, I wonder why they were cut from the film?

My final thought is that I now have a new appreciation for this film and like it much more than I originally did.
If you are planning on watching Looper in the future, this is definitely the version to check out... great job Wraith!!!

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