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Wow, I'm so glad I found these edits. As a fan of the books since childhood, I always though that Jackson's movies made some... questionable decisions beyond simply translating books to screen. "The Fellowship of the Ring" was, I thought, a pretty good adaptation overall. "The Two Towers," however... I was actually angry leaving the theater and that was the only time I watched it, even though I eventually bought the EE DVDs!

I'm thrilled to say that, with these book edits, TTT is FIXED!!!! The Battle of the Hornburg is maybe a half-dozen pages in the book; this edit dials it back from being the main part of the movie to a reasonable position story/emphasis-wise. Theoden's character is fixed. So many unnecessary movie additions have been trimmed back (stupid Wargs); I actually enjoyed this.

The section with the Ents, sadly, zipped by (so uncharacteristic of them!), but you can only work with the source material you have. I'd guess this was handled about as well as could be.

I realize that I'm writing as someone very familiar with the books and I'm happy to finally see something close to them on the screen. It's hard to say whether someone who hasn't read them would be able to follow or not - but I rate this one superb and have been recommending it to the LOTR book lovers I know.

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