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Editing is flawless. The sections that have been heavily modified don’t show it at all, the are integrated in the film.

The mandatory removal of the weird and paradoxical “Arwen turns into a mortal” is done effectively. Also, great way to shorten her talk with Elrond, it dragged way too much in the original.
Great editing around the Gandalf / Witch-king confrontation, it was done masterfully. And the rooster is a great final touch. This was the highlight of the edit to me.

Other things I liked:
Goodbye, Saruman's fireball, you will not be missed.
The drinking game is much better, some love for Gimli.
The single skull rolling is much more effective than the avalanche, which looked like something out of an Indiana Jones film.
Sam never leaving Frodo makes more sense.
Re-grading the Battle of Pellenor Fields was also a nice touch.

Just some (very minor) nitpicks I have with these parts that are unchanged from the original:
- at 1h40m39: Legolas says “last king of Gondor” but that is incorrect. There were dozens of Gondor kings after Isildur.
- at 1h49m12: I’ve always hated this section in the original. Aragorn’s lips are fully desynced from the audio, it’s jarring.

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