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FanMix January 02, 2021 8256
(Updated: March 05, 2021)
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A/V: Video & audio quality great for all three films, no problems here.

Editing: Mostly seamless, perhaps cut a little too quickly once or twice but nothing that stands out to make it obvious this is a fanedit. Great addition of a new soundtrack that works surprisingly well. I felt that the audio levels between The Mist & Deep Rising were occasionally slightly off. But I don't have the best TV so can't comment further.

Narrative/Enjoyment: Very well crafted story. In the Mouth of Madness serves as a precursor for the stories of The Mist & Deep Rising. The use of voiceovers from ITMOM was well done. Edit is well paced as well. My main criticism would be that a little too much time was spent on The Mist, I feel more could've been cut to streamline the edit. And that more scenes from ITMOM could've been included.

Overall, a really great job with this edit JobWillins, it's very impressive to stitch together 3 different films from 3 different directors, yet have a cohesive and enjoyable story.
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