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Overview - Mr. Willins takes three apocalyptic films, “The Mist,” “In The Mouth Of Madness,” and “Deep Rising,” tosses them into the chopper, and makes a dark homage to “Love Actually.”

Video - 1920 X 1080 m4v. Note: My setup could not handle m4v, so I converted to mp4. Some of the edits here are audacious. The jump cuts, in particular, are inspired and jaw-dropping. This, for me, is one of the best aspects of this edit.

Audio - 192 kbps AC-3, 2 channel stereo. No subs. Depending on the source material, the audio ranges from good to murky. Much of “The Mist” is a pain to understand, and Sam Neill’s mumblings during “In The Mouth” were not worth replays.

Narrative - Three different films that do not link or mirror each other. Sorry. The tones vary, as do the “look” of each. One is a talkfest, one is an action ride, one is the dark plunge. The Beach Boy numbers do not serve to unify proceedings, either. Plus, for me, way too much time was spent on “The Mist,” the least compelling of the trio.

Enjoyment - Mixed. I appreciate what the editor was attempting. Full marks. This is a fail, though. There should have been other or different films used, where the same actors would be seen in other roles, hopefully engaging with other actors used in this mix. I have enjoyed works from this editor before, but this one does not work for me.

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