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(Updated: August 14, 2023)
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The idea that The Hobbit trilogy can be boiled down into a single four-hour movie is my main issue with the narrative the faneditor has chosen. I appreciate the concept but I think it removed aspects of the film and clipped the pacing to such a degree that it was significantly less enjoyable to watch than many other Hobbit fanedits.

While I want to applaud how much work and expertise had to go into the edit, I still think much of the movie magic was lost. Scenes as signficant as Bilbo versus Smaug or the many action scenes during the Five Armies battle were trimmed down, along with many elements being, completely removed, to the point where one could blink and miss a plot point. Also, with its rapid pacing, much of the grandeur of the film's visuals were lost in the much quicker current of the pacing

If I wasn't familiar with the original film or other fanedits, I may have watched this with more enjoyment as a kind of TV edit of the story, but as a film I think it was lacking in it's use of story elements, visuals and a more dramatic pacing that would have otherwise improved it as a film.

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Owner's reply August 15, 2023

While I appreciate the review, some of your critiques leave me puzzled. The Bilbo versus Smaug sequence was not significantly trimmed down but you say it was. Which parts did I remove? The sequence plays all out together unlike most edits, which not only is like the book (the goal) but arguably improves the flow to not intercut with Laketown shenanigans.

You docked my visual editing category implying you didn't like how my edit looked, but you didn't mention of any of the actual visual editing--were there issues with the color grading, film grain, new VFX? Same with the a/v quality, my release is pretty high bitrate even with DTS audio/lossless soundtrack sources which is not too common, but you still docked me. If you don't like the goal of the project that's fine, but I think all edits deserve a fair analysis.

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