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FanFix November 19, 2021 27271
(Updated: February 21, 2024)
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This is the definitive way to experience the Hobbit films..

- These films have SO MUCH GARBAGE compared to the original trilogy. This edit fixes the f*** out of that problem. As the Hobbit trilogy stood before this, I considered it unwatchable. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference cutting the garbage out makes. I cannot fathom how much time this must have taken. The amount that needed to be done and how much it improves the films is a testament to the author of this edit and those who assisted them.
- Changes to color-grading improves multiple scenes, but for me are difficult to notice without side-by-side comparisons. That said, I like the changes I did notice.

- no 4k version with lossless surround
- The Goblin King (any scene with him is terrible). His CG is so poor, along with the goblins being laughable (the ones in Moria weren't). I cannot think of a fix for this as it is pretty central to major plot points in the film. Probably the only way to maybe(?) fix this would be have a team of VFX artists completely redo all of it. Unlikely and pretty much out of the edit author's control. It's a shame these enemies to be feared have been turned into slapstick morons. It really makes the dwarves' situation feel...well...not like they are about to be killed. I know the musical number is in the book, but god, I hate it.
- Bard uses his regular bow to shoot at the dragon when he has demonstrated he clearly knows only a black arrow can pierce Smaug
- Bard is not shown carrying the arrow when running to the tower (he is not wearing any clothing that could conceal an arrow that size, so adding the arrow in (potentially into his quiver?) with VFX would be a great boon - otherwise it simply teleports there when he needs it.

Other than these points this edit is incredible and even with these mostly minor detractions it is the best version of the films bar none. The improvements made to these films bring them much more in line with the original LOTR trilogy, which is the biggest compliment I can give. Before, I would never consider rewatching the Hobbit trilogy. This edit means it will join the LOTR trilogy in my library as part of the experience.

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Owner's reply February 23, 2024

Thank you! There is lossless sound on the ISO version. I've been asked for 4k, but I wouldn't hold it against an editor it's expensive and time consuming to switch. Also for black arrows, remember that I removed all discussion of it so Bard never demonstrates that it would be the *only* weapon, the normal bow shots build tension

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